POI Testimonials

Everyone has a Story… and every Story Matters.



“Everyone’s recovery is unique in its own way. But, the end result for all of us can be the
same if you believe and trust the process. We can pay the price now or pay the price later
but at some point, we all pay the price. My god, if I had only known before half of what I
discovered through Ibogaine, so much damage to myself and my loved ones could have
been prevented.

To anyone reading this, words can never explain the amazing experience you will embark
on through Ibogaine at the POI Institute.

I don’t know how to begin to thank everyone at the POI institute for providing me with the
safest and best care during my stay. Thank you, Diane and George, for going above and
beyond. Your 24/7 presence and the sincere care and support you show patients during
and after their stay is over the top and appreciated more than you know.

For anyone interested in hearing more about my Ibogaine experience at the POI institute
feel free to ask POI for my contact information. I wish you safe travels with Ibogaine.

Trust the process… the end result will be truly amazing!
Get ready to meet the best, new version of YOU.
It is an incredible gift for you and your loved ones.
It is truly blissful.
God Bless.”

~ Ariel L, Brooklyn, NY

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

– Nelson Mandela