About Us

It was not long after their life-changing Ibogaine experience that the POI founders discovered that ibogaine not only gave them a second chance at life but the power to make a difference. After several years of research and planning, their new-found journey to pay it forward led them to the open The POI Institute (the power of I) to offer others a place to safely detox and recover with Ibogaine and rediscover their power of I.

Believing that just as important as providing the safest and best treatment for recovery, was to provide the safest and best location and facility that provided a beautiful, tranquil environment for healing.

POI Institute Co-Founders George and Diane

The POI Institute is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in an area located between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose, known as “Los Cabos”.

“Cabos’s” year around sunshine, endless stretches of picturesque beaches along the sparkling waters of the Sea of Cortez and the miles of gorgeous mountain and desert landscape are the perfect setting for reflection and recovery. The breathtaking Los Cabos sunsets remind us of the promise of a new day giving us the chance and the time to rediscover who we are and who we are truly meant to be.

POI’s experienced and compassionate staff coupled with our safe, private, beautiful facility helps promote a sense of peace, comfort and well-being for our guests.

Our luxurious accommodations and amenities coupled with our hands-on approach allow patients to truly leave feeling like they were a guest at a 5-star resort vs a patient at a holistic treatment center.

When you or a loved one are ready to end the vicious cycle of addiction and reclaim your life,

Call the POI Institute
(833) POI – CABO
(833) 764 – 2226

We are here to confidentially answer any questions or concerns you may have about Ibogaine and/or POI’s withdrawal-free detox and recovery programs.

* For those who have heard warnings of safety issues when visiting Mexico. Those warnings are referring to other parts of Mexico and do not pertain to Los Cabos. “Cabo” is located in the isolated southern tip/region of Mexico and does not face the same issues that are prevalent in other parts of Mexico that these warnings are referring to.

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