What is Ibogaine & how does it work?

Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid and primary ingredient that comes from the root bark of the West African shrub known as, Tabernanthe Iboga. This naturally occurring plant medicine, which has long been used in spiritual and healing ceremonies by the Bwiti people of Western Africa, today is considered a very powerful detox agent and “addiction interrupter”.

Ibogaine does not cure addiction. but what it does have the ability to do is, painlessly interrupt the process of a variety of active addictions by eliminating the withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with detoxing from them, including opioids, heroin, cocaine methamphetamines and alcohol.

Although Ibogaine is considered an extremely powerful psychedelic, an individual will not experience what some have called a “bad trip” after experimenting with psychedelics. Ibogaine is better described as a “perceptual psychedelic”. It has been said that, “Ibogaine does not give you what you want, it gives you what you need”. Its special powers induce an introspective, dream-like altered state of consciousness to show or connect an individual to visions and/or memories from their life and their life alone. Ibogaine will do its part in cleansing the body and liver of all toxins, re-balancing the neurochemical levels in the brain and targeting psychological trauma. It is a powerful entheogen, with both amazing therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaking abilities to give a second chance at life, for those who really want one.

You may wonder, how a single dose of ibogaine can eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms from a drug dependent patient? Here’s the answer. Although Ibogaine is a truly magical, effective detox, it, in itself is short acting and is actually only responsible for the intense, initial visualization and introspection phase of the treatment, which usually lasts somewhere between 2-4 hours. It is what happens once the Ibogaine is metabolized through the liver that allows the magic to continue… Noribogaine.

What is Noribogaine and what does it do?

When Ibogaine passes through the liver, it is converted into what is known as Noribogaine. Noribogaine is long acting, staying in the system for several months. It reduces and/or eliminates cravings, while removing a patients overwhelming desire to want to use their drug of choice. It also has the ability to elevate a patient’s mood, as if they were put on antidepressants. It is during time and the “feel good” months ahead that a patient needs to act on this “window of opportunity” to find help and support at home with changing old patterns and lifestyle choices in order to move forward with their lives and increase their chances of success. It is a time to gather new tools for their “life tool belt” that will help them begin to build a life, new support system and solid foundation for success.

“Tough times don’t last; Tough people do.”

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