Ibogaine for Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

While Ibogaine is best known for its ability to interrupt addiction, it has proven to be incredibly beneficial for individuals suffering from several mood disorders including depression and anxiety as well as certain mental health conditions such as PTSD.

Unfortunately, many people think they have no other choice other than the mainstream treatment for mental health and depression… the regiment of prescription medications, some of which come with less-than-ideal side effects, not to mention an inability to actually help individuals get to the root/cause of their problem.

Ibogaine offers an alternative by not only normalizing, resetting and rebalancing brain function, it offers individuals a front row seat to their life, giving them the ability to view and come to terms with their past and move forward with their life.

It is said that one session of Ibogaine can be equivalent to years of therapy.

During the Ibogaine experience you are able to explore your past and revisit traumatic life events in a safe and detached manner.  Ibogaine initiates an individual’s recovery process with its powerful memory-resetting and healing capabilities. This allows many patients the ability to see, heal, overcome and in many cases let go of the memories, events and past traumas that may have caused or been the root of their psychological issues. Due to a connection between relying on drugs or alcohol and dependence on chemicals in people who have PTSD, Ibogaine treatment is a great alternative treatment for trauma-related addictions. Ibogaine is giving many of those that suffer from anxiety, depression and/or PTSD a new lease on life.

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