The Ibogaine experience is broken down in three separate phases.

Whether you are coming to the POI Institute for addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD or just spiritual healing, we have found that by breaking down the three phases of a typical Ibogaine experience, giving patients a better understanding of what Ibogaine does and what they can expect during and after their treatment gives most patients a sense of comfort and the ability to be more open to the experience.

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  • The first phase… the visionary phase begins 1-3 hours after an individual takes the Ibogaine and typically lasts between 4-8 hours. In this phase individual are in a conscious dream-like state in which most individuals describe a “slide show” of visual experiences of past memories. This phase can actually be a tool to help one explore their past and their own self. This can be beneficial by allowing individuals to get to the cause of their problems and address them.
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  • The second phase is known as the introspection/evaluation phase. This phase begins approximately 4-8 hours after taking Ibogaine and can last between 24-36 hours. The introspection/evaluation phase is responsible for the psychotherapeutic effects of ibogaine, allowing individuals insight into their own problems and behaviors as well as helping them face and conquer fears and negative emotions. Ibogaine creates an altered dream-like state of consciousness giving each person the ability to be aware and process their own memories, life experiences, and past issues of pain and/or trauma. During this time, individuals experience a full range of emotions as well as physical and emotional exhaustion due to the strong nature of the of their ibogaine experience. There are some individuals that completely overcome their emotional issues by what has been revealed to them, while others may need more time, but what most do have in common is the roller coaster ride of emotions they experience. This is all normal and a large part of the healing process. Regardless of what an individual is or is not feeling, it is important to go with it. Although this process may be uncomfortable, “letting go” and surrendering to the process will be largely responsible for the success of ones Ibogaine treatment.
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  • The end result…
    After Ibogaine treatment, most individuals find an incredible sense of calm and comfort. Ibogaine’s anti-depressive effect establishes a state of well-being, freeing individuals of old negative thought patterns and anxiety which ultimately may have been responsible for their past pain and behaviors. Although Ibogaine’s magical medicinal power gives individuals the ability to face and “let go” of past pains and traumas in a number of hours, it is not a “magic bullet”. POI encourages individuals to take time to reflect on their journey, recognize and identify what social and external factors may have caused and/or supported past feelings and behaviors.

“Tough times don’t last; Tough people do.”

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