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Everyone has a Story… and every Story Matters

Amy’s Testimonial

“I never imagined what a life-changing experience could feel like because I had completely given up all hope that from the depths of depression.  Diane and George embraced me without judgment.  Their genuine love, care, and concern for my well-being surpassed my expectations, and the experience I had under their care truly SAVED MY LIFE! My family and I are forever indebted!  God Bless You, Diane & George.”

- Amy Wade
- Boston, MA

Mitchell’s Testimonial

“Ibogaine is serious stuff. I am eternally grateful for what it has done for me. I think what is the most mind blowing development in my journey is that the day after my dosing, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and had no craving or desire to use. George and Diane could not have made me feel more welcome… from the time they picked me up at the airport to the time they dropped me back off. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything and Thank God for this experience.”

- Mitchell G

Tom’s Testimonial

“I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety through my adolescent and teenage years. Doctors always wanted to put me on medications that had bad side effects and never really worked for me.  So, I started experimenting with different kinds of drugs and eventually became addicted to how “my experiments” made me feel.  The problem was the drugs temporarily made me feel good, but they never fixed my depression or anxiety. After my ibogaine experience, I felt so much clarity and peace.  something I never really felt before.  I no longer feel like there is a bottomless pit in my stomach and I am happy.  Choosing to do ibogaine treatment was the best decision ever made.”

- Tom S

My Son’s Story

“Depression is real. Seeing my son suffer and not to feel like living is something no mother wants to see. Doctors and Big Pharma, all they want to do is put you on pills. My son was diagnosed with ADHD in his early years and has been prescribed medicine ever since elementary school. Drugs have horrible side effects. THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE!

Diane and George are so welcoming and warm and know exactly what patients need and how to care for them. And, Maria is an amazing peaceful person. What a great team. The patients at POI feel so taken care of. Thank you all for caring and for helping so many people like my son to have a better life. I look forward to seeing his progress and how he grows from the experience.”

- Penny S

Navy SEAL, Jamie Wall’s Testimonial

“Ibogaine has really helped to reset my mind. The clarity I have will really help me to move forward. Thanks to POI and Diane and George for making this such a life-changing experience.”

- Jamie

Jason’s Story

“I’ve spent years of my life either in the fog of depression, drugs, and alcohol addiction. Always hiding, always worrying, and never content. Relationships suffered as did my relationship with family and friends. It’s a very selfish and lonely existence. By focusing on what’s next I never enjoyed the moment. I recently “woke up” and realized my body and mind could not take much more of the poison I was ingesting all day, every day for years. I had to try something new. Withdrawals were not an option… “Who has the time?” By opening my eyes to all possibilities, I found the POI Institute. Diane and George and Maria were amazing! My Ibogaine treatment changed my life. I’m excited to live with this weight off my shoulders. I am writing this with the hope that reading my story will help others who are lost.”

- Jason

Sean’s Testimonial

” Thanks to Diane, George, and Maria for really clearing my head space and having me feel ready to take on a brand new life. This week did wonders for me. I would definitely recommend the POI Institute and ibogaine treatment for any addict struggling to get clean. I feel brand new.”

- Sean H

C. Elizabeth’s Story

“This was a journey of a lifetime. It has been years and years of feeling tired, sad, lonely… Just so tired of being tired. I felt numb and lost for so long it became the norm to truly be absent in a crowd. My journey here at the POI Institute with the guidance and compassionate care of Diane, George, and Maria has taken the blanket off my head. I intend to follow up living in the now I finally enjoy waking up 🙂
Can never thank you enough.”

- C.E.

Jose’s Testimonial

“I am amazed at my transformation this week. What a magical time. Diane George and Maria were so welcoming. I did not know what to expect, but I was glad I trusted the process from day one. I felt safe, loved, and am finally on the right track to recovery and securing my sobriety.”

- Jose

Ben’s Spiritual Healing Testimonial

“Just say God works in mysterious ways. This experience was eye-opening…far beyond the literal sense. Through focusing on my life and digging into traumas from the past, I received affirmations and a renewed understanding about my life and my place in the universe. I am now encompassed with an incredible sense of peace and overwhelming awe. Thank you George, Diane, and Maria for your love and support in my journey for emotional and spiritual healing. I owe my renewed lease on life to you, the work you do, and the POI institute.”

- Ben S
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