Patient Before and After’s

A picture is worth a thousand words

Along with our patients not only experiencing amazing success with ibogaine treatment, here’s a glimpse at some of the incredible physical changes a number of our patients experienced in just a matter of days at the POI Institute.

After years of struggling with addiction and numerous failed attempts to get clean, 34-year-old Hailey realized she was losing her battle with heroin. She contacted the POI Institute and within days was on a plane to Cabo for Ibogaine detox treatment. Hailey is not only free from years of addiction but feels better than she has in over 10 years. Eight days after her treatment, Hailey’s physical transformation shown here in her before and after photographs may be the most dramatic, we have ever seen.

With the encouragement of POI, Hailey decided it was not in her best interest to immediately return home to Maryland after her treatment. Hailey left POI and flew directly to her mom’s in Florida where she is currently in a 12-step program, working on herself and gathering some essential life tools while getting more “clean time” under her belt to support her sobriety. Way to go Hailey!

Almost a decade after returning home from deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq, Marine Corps Veteran, Jay A. found himself still struggling with PTSD and depression and was using alcohol to numb the pain.

After numerous failed attempts to get help, Jay came to The POI Institute. “My ibogaine experience at the POI institute was the most profound experience of my life! In just days, I was able to settle 10 years’ worth of trauma. Ibogaine allowed me to make amends with past experiences, say goodbye to friends I lost and cope with life in a healthier way.”

Take a look at Mason’s incredible transformation after just 10 days at the POI Institute. Mason came to POI to detox off of Suboxone, Klonopin and Xanax, which he had been addicted to for well over a decade. After leaving POI, Mason went home and entered a dual diagnosis IOP program and received a certificate of completion. “Thank you! The trip to POI changed my life and the lives of my boys.”
Along with physical changes that occurred in just 10 days after detoxing off of Opiates and Cocaine with no withdrawal or craving. With the help and advice of the POI institute, to help support Rafael’s new found sobriety, as part of his aftercare plan, Rafael transitioned into a in-patient treatment center after leaving POI in order to work on and address whatever underlying issues that may have led to his years of addiction.
Here’s a peak at Navy SEAL, Jay Smith’s 1 week stay at POI for PTSD. “Being treated at the POI Institute was life-changing! I was a Navy SEAL for 24 years and suffered from PTSD. I decided to be treated not just for my PTSD, but also for my anger issues and aggressive behavior. Months later, my mind is still clear, I don’t feel any anger. I am calm, relaxed and haven’t felt this good in years.”

Chris came to POI after years of battling between Heroin and Suboxone. Take a look at Chris’ dramatic physical transformation after his 10-day stay at POI.
With the help and encouragement of The POI Institute, Chris entered a 28- day treatment center to continue his aftercare, work on himself and whatever underlying issues that were uncovered during his Ibogaine journey that may have contributed and/or been the catalyst that lead to his years of addiction.

Julie’s arrival and departing photographs show the amazing physical changes that occurred during her 10-day stay at the POI institute after being treated for opiates and Suboxone addiction. What they don’t show are incredible emotional changes. Julie was trapped in her addiction for almost 6 years and was beginning to feel as though she had no way out. The drugs were crushing her spirit along with her will and desire to live. “Ibogaine saved my life. I am ever so grateful for the gift of a chance at a new beginning.”
After a decade battling an addiction to heroin and cocaine, Chase underwent ibogaine treatment at the POi Institute. He was not only freed from his addiction(s), but was also able to conquer and let go of his demons. “I have been an addict on and off for most of the last decade. I couldn’t be more hopeful after my ibogaine treatment. My entire experience at POI was utterly fantastic!”
“… thank you. You saved me and helped me save myself.” Quote from Ben D., who after a 12-day stay at the POI institute is finally free from a 10-year addiction to oxycodone and black tar heroin
Ariel’s incredible transformation during his 7- day stay for a Heroin and Fentanyl Addiction
“… Arriving at POI to detox off opiates and Suboxone, Mitchell described his ibogaine journey as “nothing short of mind-blowing”. Mitchell’s physical and emotional transformation was nothing short of the same!
What a change for NavySEAL, Jamie Wall after coming to POI for ibogaine treatment after years of suffering from PTSD and depression.
After years of battling an addiction to alcohol and marijuana, Kevin F. came to The POI Institute desperate to get clean and sober. Kevin’s alcohol consumption was the catalyst that got him to POI.

Alcohol had taken a serious toll on Kevin’s health.

Just 10 days after being treated at the POI institute, Kevin left POI, not only 10 days sober, but also 10 days free of years of smoking marijuana and cigarettes!

Every individual is unique and so are there circumstances. After Kevin’s ibogaine treatment, while still in our care, POI staff worked together with Kevin and his family to find an aftercare program where Kevin could receive professional help to work through some of the underlying issues that came up during his ibogaine treatment, issues that indeed may have been the catalyst for his years of substance abuse. We are so happy Kevin took the steps needed to honor his ibogaine experience and support and secure his sobriety.

Congratulations Kevin! We are so proud of you. ?

After his 10-day stay at the POI Institute. Gene left looking and feeling like a new man.

“My ibogaine journey was amazing and the benefits of my treatment, well lets just say… incredible! I came to POI to detox from alcohol and a 4 year dependency on Ativan and left POI not only sober and off of Ativan, but free from PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks and claustrophobia! I am happier and healthier than I have been in years and truly on the ride of my life.”

Matt’s tremendous transformation during his 1 week stay for Crystal Meth Addiction

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.”

– Heather Ash Amara