POI Philosophy

The POI Institute truly understands the challenges faced by those struggling with addiction and the need to provide those individuals with a safe, effective place to detox and recover. At POI, we believe that the “Power of I” (Ibogaine’s safe, rapid, withdrawal-free detoxification) along with the power (and true desire) of I, as in, one’s self to want to change, are not only essential to one’s recovery, but will play the most important role in the success of their journey.

According to data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over the last three decades approximately 870,000 people died from drug overdose. While the fatalities numbers have not yet been published for the current year, based on the CDC’s data from November 2017 to November 2018, approximately 200 deaths per day were caused by drug overdose.
POI believes that many of these deaths could be prevented with the use of medicinal plant-based therapies such as Ibogaine. Ibogaine has been incredibly effective helping individuals successfully detox and recover from addiction. Unfortunately, Ibogaine is not legal in the United States, but thankfully other countries, such as Mexico have embraced it as a very real and successful solution to addiction.

Unfortunately, in the U.S., the use of outdated, ineffective and potentially harmful maintenance medications currently being used to detox patients has proven to negatively affect a patient’s chances of long-term sobriety. These “FDA approved” medications were initially approved for short-term maintenance. Sadly, most patients end up addicted to these maintenance medications for years. Inevitably what then happens when a patient tries to taper down or get off of these “maintenance drugs”, is the same, if not worse than their attempts at getting off of their original drug of choice. They end up experiencing severe withdrawal and cravings, the two most frequent causes of relapse, thus a patient’s affecting long-term sobriety by playing a major role in the U.S. recidivism numbers, which are currently estimated at close to 90%.

POI understands first hand a patient’s fear of withdrawal. Our safe, medically focused Ibogaine holistic detox treatment provides medicinal benefits that eliminate both withdrawals and cravings offering drug-dependent patients the best chance at successful detox and recovery. Regardless of what one’s drug of choice is, when it comes to getting clean, across the board, all those who struggle with addiction have one thing have in common… the fear of PAWS (post-acute withdrawal syndrome). Ibogaine is an extremely effective tool that provides amazing results by resetting the patient’s brain receptor sites and rebalancing its neurochemistry levels, which eliminates cravings and staves off post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS).
Our private, luxurious facility with breathtaking views of the sea of Cortez, the desert and the mountains are the ideal atmosphere for holistic healing and long-term recovery. At POI, we pride ourselves on the excellent quality and compassionate, hands-on care we provide to each and every patient. This along with our beautiful, tranquil facility allows patients the time to relax as they begin their journey toward personal discovery and optimum healing. POI highly recommends that patients have a post treatment/aftercare plan in place upon completing their treatment at POI and we will work to assist each patient in finding and setting up a plan that best suits their aftercare needs while they are recovering at POI.

Sometimes the strength within you is not a big fiery flame for all to see, it is just a tiny spark that whispers ever so softly, “you got this, keep going”

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