I am so happy I chose the POI institute, Ibogaine treatment in Mexico to detox!


Ariel describes his experience at The POI Institute, Ibogaine Treatment Center Mexico, after detoxing from years of heroin and fentanyl addiction…
“Things keep getting better and better…every single day in every single way!”

Hello World, Ariel Lopez once again here in Cabo Mexico after finishing up a one week stay at the Power of I Institute, Ibogaine Treatment Center Mexico.
And man things just keep getting better and better every single day in every way.
If you are looking into research about Ibogaine, Ibogaine treatment or specifically Ibogaine treatment in Mexico. The people and ibogaine treatment I received at the Power of I Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico was incredible.    I am so happy this is where I chose to come detox and get clean.  It was such an amazing stay and man have they made me feel like family here at the POI Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico.  It just made the process so much better for me, and this is such a beautiful and amazing Ibogaine facility!  If you are looking for an Ibogaine Treatment Center to detox, relax, and focus on your recovery and getting your life back, you should contact The POI Institute Ibogaine Treatment Center, Mexico!

If you guys have any questions about Ibogaine treatment or the Power of I Institute Ibogaine Treatment Center Mexico, I’ll be available.
Please feel free to email me (my email address will be under the description). If any of you guys want to talk to me, then I can share my phone number for us to stay in contact.
After years and years of pollie substance dependence, and years and years of trying to get off heroin and fentanyl in one week, I am clean!
I am done. It is unbelievable. I have my life back and an amazing window again to just go back and live life with my family, my kids, and everyone else.
So God bless and hope to speak with you about YOU getting Ibogaine treatment at Power of I Institute, Ibogaine Treatment Center Mexico.
Please don’t waste any more time.
You can reach Ariel via email at PositiveEnergyAuthority@gmail.com
Update – April 2020 – Ariel will soon be celebrating one year clean.  He is currently working in NYC in the health care/insurance industry.

Feel free to contact Ariel via his email below with any questions about Ibogaine and his experience detoxing off heroin at the POI Ibogaine institute

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