POI Testimonials

Everyone has a Story… and every Story Matters.

Julie S. Story…

“My journey has been nothing short of amazing!!! Coming here not sure what to expect
or even if this treatment would work was a little scary. The care and kindness of Diane,
George and Alex was something I honestly haven’t ever experienced in my lifetime!
They took better care of me than my own parents… My every need was met… My every
question answered. I was trapped with my addiction to opiates and then Suboxone for
over five years with no way out in sight. It was crushing my spirit and will to live. Ibogaine
saved my life. I am ever so grateful for the gift of a chance at a new beginning. I am
going to make sure to spread the word to as many people as I can about the POI Institute
and Ibogaine with the hope that others can get the help they need with this life-changing
treatment and have a second chance at life too. Diane, George and Alex are
incredible… I believe they are angels that have been put here to make a difference and
save and change people’s lives… just as they did for me and I am forever grateful.”

~ Julie S., Prosper, Texas